Highlights from the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2015 Convention

This year’s Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention was held in Powell, WY. The key note speakers were Mr Andrew Pudewa from Institute for Excellence in Writing and Attorney Mr David Gibbs, President for The National Center for Life & Liberty. The NCLL features a specific branch of it’s organization called Center […]

Photo credit: Chris Jeub, www.trainingmindsministry.org & IEW School Division Education Consultant

No Vacation Time

Educational Issues Do Not Take Summer Vacations

The hardest thing I have to do as President of Wyoming Freedom in Education, isn’t battling the legislators who stand in the way of the good legislation WFE backs, it isn’t speaking to large crowds at events, it isn’t the hours and hours and hours of research, it isn’t writing […]

Who are the children that contributed the most to education in 2014?

They may be the nine children who have done the most for education in US history.  Kate is a senior from San Carlos.  Brandon is a senior from Oakland.  Julia is an 8th grader from the San Fernando Valley.  Daniella is a 7th grader from San Jose.  Elizabeth is in […]


Jillian Balow to Take Common Core Trip to Communist China

What do Common Core and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow’s (R) upcoming trip to China have in common? According to a Press Release from the Wyoming Department of Education, Mrs. Balow will: “travel with a U.S. Delegation of seven other State Superintendents to Shanghai, China for the U.S. – […]

Gov. Mead Joins Group That Mocks Those Opposed to Common Core

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead ( R ) has —not surprisingly—  joined the pro Common Core advocacy group “Unicorns Are Not Real” that mocks those who oppose the Common Core State Standards. The group mainly consists of Republicans, even though the state and national Republican platforms* state that the party is […]

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Yes You Can! Homeschool your Special Needs Child or Struggling Learner

For some the thought of homeschooling your special needs child or child struggling to learn seems like climbing a mountain. Even before you may have sought guidance in understanding your child’s needs or therapy to help work through challenges; the reality is you were there for your child from the […]

Which Box Does Your Child Fit in? The Problem with Academic Standards.

Confession: I love “Doctor Who“, almost as much as my 6 year old daughter, who is definitely a “Whovian”. So what does “Doctor Who” have to do with education? Well, besides traveling back in time to visit historical people and witness historical events, “Doctor Who” shows us that one size […]

My 6 year old wearing  her T.A.R.D.I.S. backpack , with  her T.A.R.D.I.S. Valentine's box she made (with me) for the homeschool Valentine's Day party.  Also pictured is her penguin "Captain Cook".


So, You Are Thinking About Homeschooling…

Homeschooling. The thought seems overwhelming and exciting, and back to overwhelming… And the negativity from family and friends who think you are insane doesn’t help the feeling of being utterly overwhelmed… Well never fear, we are here to help you! We want to be there for you when you feel […]

Natrona & Converse County Homeschoolers Invited to Participate in History Day

Natrona and Converse County homeschoolers have been invited by Natrona County School District to participate in this year’s History Day. I received an e-mail today from Ruth Putnum with the Natrona County School District inviting central Wyoming Homeschoolers to participate in  the Region 3 History Day on Saturday, March 21, […]



Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

“If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again” When we hear those words, images of a children doing something for the first the time, flash through our minds. We don’t let our children give up, we encourage them to keep on trying. Your child may never be the next “Hank […]

Action Needed Immediately: Rep. Patton to Put HB221 on the Shelf

***As of 5:00 p.m. 2/5/15 the education committee will be meeting tomorrow, 15 minutes after noon recess (they have been meeting upon adjournment since the 2015 session began) and will be hearing: HB0196 Civics proficiency examination. and HB0231 Hathaway scholarships-exceptions from requirements. Yet one of Patton’s excuses for not hearing […]



Immediate Action Needed: HB221 Education -Parental Rights update

HB221 Education-Parental Rights, has been assigned to the House Education Committee and has been tentatively placed on the Committee’s calendar for this Friday (2/6/15). Sign the petition to have HB221 heard and voted on in Committee here. Because of the overabundance of House education bills, I need you to contact […]

House Education Committee to Meet Today (2/2/15)

The House Education Committee will be convening today, to vote on the following bills. HB0190 and HB0192 – WFE neither supports nor opposes HB0191 Education-Hathaway scholarship requirements. WFE OPPOSES This bill changes the credit hours requirement for the Hathaway Scholarship from 12 to 15. This is unfair to students who […]


This young man was placed on probation for "truancy", because he missed "too much" school due to illness.

HB221 Education Parental Rights Assigned to Committee

“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.” -Karl Marx   Karl Marx knew that in order to indoctrinate the children, he had to keep parents away from the control of their children’s education. After all […]

HB221- “Education- Parental Rights” it’s Your Bill!

*Update 1/30/15: HB221 Education-Parental Rights has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Please contact members of the House Education Committee and ask them to vote YES on HB221. Their e-mails are at the end of this article* We have been told Wyoming’s current homeschool law is “good enough”.   […]